Saturday, 2 April 2011

Preview Evening.

On Monday morning everyone submitting work (Kim, Steph, Miguel, Candela, Leigh and Myself), met at the cellar to put the show together. It was a long day of moving equipment and putting all the work up, followed by a lot of cleaning and tidying, but everyone was really dedicated and helped out which we appreciated a lot.



Our work: 1)Leigh, 2)Kim, 3)Myself, 4)Candela, 5)Steph, 6)Miguel

Tuesday we had some time to add any finishing touches and make sure everything was perfect, before a reporter from Savon Sanomat, the local newspaper, came to interview us and take some photos of our work. This was really exciting and some great exposure for us.

The following day the article was published, which included an invitation to our preview evening that night. We used the budget from the textiles department to purchase some snacks, and the school kitchen made an excessive amount of punch (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for refreshments. The head of the design school agreed to say some words to open the show, and then many of our tutors presented us with flowers which was very unexpected. Well over 50 people showed up and everyone was really impressed by the work on display.

I think we were all very overwhelmed by the reception, it was much greater than any of us could have expected. The show definitely would not have been such a great success if it weren't for all those who submitted work, Merja our ceramic tutor, Kaisa the head of textiles, and Marjut - who put a lot of effort in behind-the-scenes to help us out. We're all really grateful for the opportunity we've had and the support we've been given to curate our first ever exhibition!

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