Friday, 25 March 2011


As Leigh & I have worked independently from tutors this term, Merja suggested it would be nice to display our work for assessment in a more public manner, to show that we haven't spent a term lazing around. We briefly discussed areas where we could present work; the ceramic department's social area, the common room at the Turo building, and wall space within the classrooms were all suggested. After talking about it more thoroughly we decided it would be nice to display our work in a more formal environment, so we asked Merja how to go about booking a gallery space to host a full exhibition.

The school has several galleries within it's buildings, and they are almost always in use. We browsed the spaces that were to offer and came to the conclusion that the the cellar gallery underneath the main building was the most appealing to us. The only issue we noted was it's size -  as a fairly large space we wondered if we were capable of producing enough work to fill it's capacity. This was when we introduced the idea of inviting other international students to submit work to the exhibition; the gallery space could be used to it's full potential and other students would have the opportunity to display their work too... win win!

After asking around, a fair amount of the Erasmus students seemed interested, so we went ahead and booked the cellar gallery. The weeks since then have been full of meetings with tutors and peers to determine what works would be submitted, and other small details such as artist statements and floor plans.

We've designed a series of posters which have been displayed throughout school, and sent invitations to students and staff informing them of the preview evening which will take place on Wednesday. Kaisa has been kind enough to offer us a 100€ budget on behalf of the textiles department to cover costs of refreshments for the evening! The most important part now is making sure we can get our work finished on time!

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