Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Moomin Frenzy

First proper day here, we went to the local supermarket to do a grocery shop. Bought this 'sima' drink for really cheap and it's sooo good, turns out it's some form of non-alcoholic mead. We came home to have dinner then caught the bus into the city centre, experiencing the grumpiest bus driver ever.
The second hand shops here are crazy, one had a post office and cafe inside it, and another sold 'occasional antiquities' which included 4 spinning wheel spindles. It's impossible to go into a shop without seeing something branded with Moomins, I doubt the novelty of this will wear off. I also saw a man dressed as santa! In August!
We're just about to have some jacket potatoes which may or may not be a failure depending on the reliability of the oven. Yom.

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