Wednesday, 6 July 2011


On Saturday we took the train from Copenhagen over the sea into Sweden and up to Gothenburg.  We got to see a lot of Swedish landscape on the 4-hour train journey, which was really nice. After arriving, we spent the evening in a nearby park having a picnic-tea before heading for an early night.

The next morning we headed over the city museum for a few hours, before taking a ride on the Gothenburg Ferris wheel, overlooking the entire city and harbour.  After dinner we visited the maritime museum, the best bit being their aquarium! The weather was so hot this day we tried to spend most of our time indoors! Although despite this, we both ended up pretty sunburnt in various unfortunate places…

The next day we got a tram to the coastal town of Saltholmen. From here we took a ferry out to Asperö, the closest island on the Southern Gothenburg Archipelago. This island was so surreal; tiny wooden houses built on top of each other on narrow winding streets! We walked around almost the entire island in just under an hour, until the next ferry arrived taking us to the island of Värgo, the most westernly island in the archipelago. This island was entirely a nature reserve, with very minimal housing. We took a walk through a trail, which came out at a secluded cove beach. Here we spent a couple hours swimming and relaxing in the sun.Finally we took a ferry to the larger island of Styrsö. Although this was supposedly a tourist island, we barely encountered any other people bar locals as we walked through the tiny quaint streets. Here we found a different beachy area to have another swim for a couple hours.

Our final morning we visited the Natural History Museum, which hosted a real preserved blue whale, although it was a young whale and nowhere near as large as I was hoping! There were also various other stuffed animals, including an elephant (in a tutu)! This filled our morning out nicely until we caught our train to Norway just after noon.

Definitely the highlight of this part of the trip was the day on the archipelago islands, we had an amazing day and the weather was perfect! It was something totally different to anything we’d done before and was a nice relaxing change to museum and gallery visits.

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