Monday, 16 May 2011

School Update

Having worked individually last semester, it's really nice to be back around other people again this term. (Apart from the downside of the kilns ALWAYS being booked out!). Our class was asked to put on an exhibition displaying work intended to be larger-scale public art, displayed within Kuopio. The open evening was held on Wednesday and everyone's work looked really nice. We had to present a CAD based poster next to our work, showing the art piece in it's chosen location.

I created forms based on deer antlers which, when viewed at the intended large scale, would also represent trees. I chose to display them in a park scene, both on land and in the lake, blending into the landscape without seeming too obnoxious or offensive to the existing horizon. I found this work quite satisfying as we were given the chance to exhibit work yet again, this time without any of the organisational responsibilities!

Alongside the work for the exhibition, we have been exploring different methods of glass moulding. This has involved making ceramic and plaster casts, and using woodwork techniques to form a glass blowing mould. I have really enjoyed these lessons as I have been able to learn new skills and utilise materials which I have never used before.

Also, the weather has been amazing recently! All the ice has melted from the lake and it's been getting up to 20 degrees some days! It's really weird and sad to think that we'll be leaving in 2 weeks!

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