Monday, 15 November 2010


This weekend Maarit was kind enough to invite us to her parents cabin in her home town of Keuruu, (us being Myself, Leigh, Gerben, Stef, Peet, Jacopo, and Eleonora - we were also joined by her friend Kaisa). After a 3 hr train ride and a stop off at the citymarket for supplies, we arrived at the cottage. In true Finnish style the first port of call was to heat the sauna ready for use! As it was already dark outside we got cosy with a few drinks and some games, and took turns of the sauna (boys/girls). This involved reaching 85°c & naked rolling in the snow to cool down... COLD! Also, Maarit's brother Ville came round and brought the Monty Python edition of Fluxx which was played before we headed to bed (all of us in one room, it was like a big sleepover!)

We woke up the next morning and had breakfast like one big family, then got our hats and scarves on ready for an early afternoon walk as we left the sauna to heat. Maarit showed us parts of the surrounding area and a snowball fight erupted (of course). We then returned to the cabin ready to sauna again (it was definitely needed after the time spent in the snow), and this time we jumped into the semi-frozen lake between sessions. Another night around the dining room table this time playing Bandu (amazing game involving stacking wooden items to make the tallest tower), and a Finnish-English translation game that we adapted from one of Peet's family traditions.

The last day was spent lazing on the sofa watching 2 and a half men while the boys took a final sauna, then we headed to Maarit and Ville's parents home (and horse ranch). Here we were introduced to the equestrian family members and, most scarily, took turns to ride a horse!! This was a pretty weird experience and although the trotting terrified me, it was fun nonetheless. Finally packed up the cabin headed back to the train station - Kuopio bound.

I had a really nice time and I'm very thankful of Maarit for allowing us all to experience a true Finnish weekend in a cabin in the woods! It was a really beautiful place and was shared with good people and good times!

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