Friday, 29 October 2010


After my first classes in glass and ceramics I can definitely say I'm just as excited (if not more) by this term than I was in my previous blog.

Our induction to glass included a tour of the studios and having a go on various machinery (saws, flame cutters, grinders, etc etc). I must get some photos of the workshop spaces! I created a candle holder from a milk bottle, by cutting it in half, sanding the edges down, and engraving a heart on the front. It was really simple but fun to get so involved on the very first day!
We then had our first ceramics class with the hand-building tutor Jari (we will also be taking throwing  classes on the wheel with a tutor named Merja). This class wasn't so hands on, as we were given the project brief straight up and expected to begin designing possible outcomes. A process much different than I am used to (designing through sampling and experimenting, long before thinking of final ideas), however I'm going to embrace these new ways of working as it's all experience. The only specifics we were given for this class were:
The outcome should be constructed from either coiling, pinching, or slab building techniques
The final piece should have a function
The work should be modular - made up of several parts that piece together

We weren't given any other restrictions. I'm thinking about creating salt and pepper shakers that slot together in some way. I also want to include squirrels in this work somewhere. I like drawing squirrels.


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