Thursday, 14 October 2010

Catch Up

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I haven't blogged in a little while because Jacque's been here!! But he left yesterday which I'm pretty sad about. Lonely koala :(

Just before he arrived me and Leigh took the number 19 bus under the pretense that it would take us to Keskusta (town centre) but ended up on a magical mystery tour of the suburbs of Kuopio. Apparently that bus only goes to the centre at certain times... However we did get to see a lot more of the city, which was beautiful! The majority of the areas we've seen are home to apartments and blocks of flats, so it was amazing to be out around tiny little wooden houses with red roofs and perfect gardens! The route also passed over a quite long bridge that spanned a vast lake area which was impressive. Plus, the weather was gorgeous and the autumn sunshine made the colours of the town really vivid!

Today, however, is a different story! We woke up to a very light snowfall outside, yet a wet ground which was preventing any snow from laying. After a morning in uni presenting our final work (we're all done with textiles now, a week off then we start Ceramics and Glass) we popped  into town for some bits and pieces. It had been snowing constantly throughout the morning yet it was still too wet to lie, but as we headed for the bus home we noticed a few patches of snow on the ground around the edges of some pavements. As soon as we got on the bus and left the town centre the snowfall increased, and the closer to home we got the more it was laying on the ground. There was a good covering of around an inch as we walked to the flat, and it hasn't stopped since! It's at about 3" now, crazy! Very different from the fresh crisp autumn that was here a mere 4 days ago...

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