Saturday, 21 August 2010


I got a bike from the charity shop for 5 euro last week, I've been eager to ride it ever since but we've had issues finding leigh one so cheaply. So when the Dutch boys from over the hall offered to lend one of their new found bikes to her, we took the chance and decided to explore an area of our local town (Neulamäki). We've done plenty of exploring downtown in the city centre but as far as Neulamäki goes, we only know our accommodation and the local supermarket and town square area.

Anyway, after heading down a VERY steep dirt track (which resulted in me in the hedgerow at one point... back pedal brakes are so not my style), we discovered a little lake beach, with a sauna hut and jetty. We'd packed swimming stuff just in case so we had a little splash around then some older woman came and joined us for a swim, which was slightly weird but nice. Then after some drying off on the jetty we took back to our bikes and cycled to Prisma to buy some bits and bobs.

It's been a good day despite I'm sick of waiting on the mail, I want my packages already!!!

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